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Friday, May 27th 2005


I am a film student who decided he was called to go to medical school.

This is my second attempt at a blog.

I consider my three month experiment with blogging earlier this year as a learning experience. Yet, the subject matter is the same as the blog that proceeded this one. Their was an evolution process for the content of my previous blog and I feel that because of that the intent of this blog is pretty set.

I’ve basically tried to cover three major areas –

First, I’ve lent an extremely libertarian view to political issues facing all of medicine. I spent significant time talking about the strain of illegal immigration on border region healthcare, the case against universal healthcare, and the need to keep government regulation from limiting doctor and patient decisions.

Second, I’ve tried to provide links and commentary on academic medicine, the med school admission process, and changes in such.

Finally, and this will emerge as the start of my first year draws nearer and nearer, I’d like to give some insight into the, probably fairly boring, day to day experiences of a first year medical student.