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Thursday, June 9th 2005

Private Insurance In Quebec

It is no longer illegal to pay for your care out of pocket in Quebec. Canada’s high court has struck down Quebec’s ban against private insurance.

This quote shows the type of thinking that proponents of socialized anything have going for them:

Opponents of changes to [Canada's] Medicare claimed it could force Canada into a two-tiered health care system in which those who have deeper pockets get faster, better service from doctors who opt out of the public health-care program.

And I ask, So?

They deserve to be able to do that at the least. It’s one thing to say that everyone deserves some subjective level of care and that the rich should be made to pay to guarantee such care for the poor. It’s a step beyond, in the absurd department, to say that the rich shouldn’t be able to pay for their own medical care.

“Well the wealthy can certainly chunk up some money to pay for care for the poor but the idea that they can pay for their own choice of care…hmph…”