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Wednesday, June 1st 2005


So much whining about universal healthcare that I forgot the true humanity of this blog. Or, the humanity I would like to instill in it.

I’ve got to have proof that I’ve had a lot of vaccines before they’ll let me register for medical school (July 25th!). MMR, Hep B, Chicken Pox, Tetanus, and a test for TB. I’ll have to get an antibody test for chicken pox (suffered through them, like almost everyone my age) and TB and maybe a tetanus booster.

I called my physician’s office though and I actually have all three of my Hep B shots. My mom probably made me do it, but boy am I happy she did now.

Since I’ve been back I’ve gotten my financial aid information, my ID card made, and my parking permit. I park so far from the lecture halls as a first year medical student, that I’d need a golf cart to get to class without getting winded.