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Wednesday, July 6th 2005


There was an older gentleman checking out from the clinic I work at today. He was on Medicare and was peeved at the twenty dollars he owed as a deductible. For outpatient services patients pay a yearly deductible of $110.00.

This man had already paid that but failed to realize he owed 20% of every office or most outpatient tests after he had met the $110.00. The man was ranting about how much money that was but the thing is there was a cell phone clipped to his pant pocket. I sat there and thought, there’s no way that guy’s cell phone bill is less than $20 a month.

Another example — a mother bringing in a child covered by a state Medicaid program. As heartless as it sounds, she needed to be dressed worse. Maybe she didn’t buy the clothes, they were a gift, or there’s another scenario of explanation. Clearly she didn’t need to dress nice to find a job, cause if she’s making so little she qualifies for Medicaid then the clothes clearly have failed her already.

I know everyone is not like this. I know it sounds like I’m heartless, but like Mark Twain said…

To extend my two observations out, I just think that people make financial choices for things above their healthcare. Not everyone but more of this country can afford to be insured, than are, and instead they buy a $25,000 car. That’s not overtly expensive but if they’d spent 15 grand instead, there’d be no argument over the government helping their family out with their health insurance cause they’d be able to afford it.