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Thursday, August 4th 2005

First Gross Anatomy Dissection

How amazing it was.

It was of the muscles of the back. I was lucky enough to make the first incision in our body (I feel disrespectful calling it a body. However, all other options, such as giving it a name, seem even worse). I cut from just below the occipital protuberance down to the end of the coccyx. I was surprised how quickly I got the feel for how much pressure needed to be applied to the scalpel in each section of the body.

I am ever grateful to whoever this person was who donated themselves, especially since they were skinny when their time came, making the learning process and the dissection that less tedious (cleaning fat is a long process on some bodies).

I did fail to find the occipital nerve on my half of the head or the accessory cranial nerve invenerating the trapezius on my half as well, so I felt a slight failure. But, I searched hard, and I’m sure I could identify both in the practical, so I’m a little less worried.

We’ve taken good care of our body so far; taking extra time to clean away excess fat and make our dissection look good, beyond just completing it. It sounds morbid but in some ways I feel that actually taking stuff out of our body, and making it look nice is a sign of respect. I was proud of my tankmates, they all did a better job than I and made it that much easier on me.