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Tuesday, August 2nd 2005

What The %#@!

The Kamehameha Schools receive not a dime of federal or state funding and yet they cannot use race as an admission factor.

You can deny the private school leader’s right to run their PRIVATE business the way they want and serve who they want but my God if those same school leaders are going to deny someone else the right to go to any school they want to! If I own a private business I should be able to discriminate on any basis I want and if I walk into a private business I should understand the same could be my fate. It may be unethical, a terrible thing, and a generally terrible business practice, I will agree, but it’s certainly not government’s place to regulate it.

Public institutions should not be allowed the same privileges (that’s why affirmative action is inappropriate at public universities). As well, government funding and contracts should be conditional on unbiased policies amongst the companies and organizations that receive such monies. But this is a case of neither.