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Friday, August 5th 2005

Worst Op-Ed Ever

I’ll be honest, although I believe in intelligent design (even more so after seeing the workings of the human body yesterday during my first gross lab dissection), I do not believe it should be taught in school. It is a matter of faith.

Even so, this op-ed in this po-dunk newspaper may be one of the most brutal of the year. It makes it sound like the teaching of intelligent design would be the end of America’s golden age of enlightenment. It’s people like this journalist who have pushed the PC movement and the liberalization of this country to the point it is now…where a completely private school has the government decide who it will admit and who it won’t.

At least the way I’ve attempted to reconcile intelligent design and scientific fact is just a personal belief that God put the world and it’s natural workings in motion. There is really nothing more to teach than that. I fully believe in the evolutionary process and I believe most proponents of intelligent design do as well.