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Friday, September 23rd 2005


He got what he wanted.
Nothing of surprise.
Except he cried;
To explain it?
A problem, a challenge.
And you question,
its worth; the effort.
Let him smile
with tears.
Serves him well.
And you not worry.
Not question.
There is nothing more
to give him.
So, that’s not
what troubles him.
He speaks like it does.
For that’s his voice.
Whine and screech.
And advocate.
But not teach.
And choke on a silver spoon.
He wants respect,
he deserves.
Let him earn it.
He hasn’t.
So, he sighs;
and comes closer to it.
Of course not.
He smiles;
and comes closer to it.
But he does.
But it is faked,
and you read it,
and know it is untrue,
and he gets
what he wanted
and cries;

- Physiology Class, 9/21/05