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Tuesday, September 6th 2005

Anatomy Test

I got these right but…

A 73-year-old man has a large mass in the temporal lobe of his brain which is compressing a nerve between the free edge of the tentorium cerebelli and the posterior clinoid process of the sphenoid bone. Which of the following is most likely to occur on the same side of the man’s body?

a. Constricted pupil
b. Inability to abduct pupil
c. Inability to depress pupil from abducted position
d. Pain in the skin of the forehead
e. Ptosis

A newborn 2-day old girl with hydrocephalus has an abnormaly small posterior cranial fossa but no other skeletal defects. Which of the following conditions is she most likely to have?

a. Arnold-Chiari malformation
b. Cranial Meningocele
c. Meningoencephalocele
d. Meroanencephaly
e. Spina bifida with myeloschisis