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Sunday, September 18th 2005

My Power Rankings

1. USC (Last Week, #1)
2. Texas (#2)
3. Florida (#3)
4. LSU (#4)
5. Va. Tech (#7)
6. Georgia (#8)
7. Ohio St. (#6)
8. Louisville (NR)
9. Florida St. (NR)
10. Notre Dame (#5)

My top 4 stay the same, but Notre Dame falls from their #5 spot.

Michigan wins by 55 points and still drops off. The new additions are Louisville, who just dominated Oregon St, and Florida St.

Look, despite being a USC alumni I don’t have a lot of respect for the PAC-10. Even so, I finally caught some of a Louisville game, after just reading the line for their win over Kentucky, and they looked great. The easy pick for the Big East (which I’m glad to say easily takes the title of ‘worst’ BCS conference…now they’ll be no more debate of that title mentioning the PAC-10).

Florida St. after looking abysmal against Miami has finally found some offense. In just two weeks no less. Boston College is undersized but that’s a respectable defense they won against.

The other drop off is Tennessee who was being mentioned as a national title contender by most media outlets. Granted, I called Texas to lose to Ohio St. but I’m right about Tennessee.

I’m sticking by my prediction that Tennessee will lose two more games (one to either Auburn or LSU) to finish with a three loss season. A national title run if I’ve ever seen one.

The real question is should I be giving Georgia Tech and Purdue more respect (not when you squeeze by Arizona by 7). Va. Tech, not wanting to embarrass me, will crush Georgia Tech next week.

The rest of my picks for next week:

  • Iowa over Ohio St., which makes Texas look a little worse. But I still can’t put Iowa in the top 10 after losing to ISU.
  • LSU over Tennessee. I really don’t like the Vols in the SEC this year..
  • USC over Oregon. Test of the Trojans my ass.
  • Notre Dame over Washington.