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Sunday, September 11th 2005

My Power Rankings

1. USC (Last Week, #1)
2. Texas (#5)
3. Florida (#2)
4. LSU (#4)
5. Notre Dame (NR)
6. Ohio St. (#3)
7. Va. Tech (NR)
8. Georgia (#8)
9. Michigan (#7)
10. Tennessee (#9)

No matter the win loss record these are who I believe to be the best football teams. Two new teams appear in Va. Tech and Notre Dame. Notre Dame all the way up at #5 after a win over Michigan. Out is Iowa and Florida St/Miami…I know Florida St. found some offense against The Citadel but what a terrible terrible game that was (The U vs. FSU). They could find a hobo off the street to throw the ball better…

Texas is the second best team in the country. All that stands in their way is Oklahoma and Texas A & M, both of which look incredibly winable right about now. Also, I’m now a LITTLE scared of Notre Dame but they won that Michigan game on Michigan mistakes and defense. Notre Dame’s defense, I don’t care how improved it is, is not going to hold USC to 2 touchdowns. Their offense is going to have to drop 35 or 40 points for them to have a chance against USC, and I don’t think they can do it.

I look like a real jackass after picking Ohio St. over Texas, and OSU all the way to the Rose Bowl. My new pick is USC v. Texas, in the Rose Bowl, which is really sad since I love both those teams.