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Tuesday, September 13th 2005

New Study, Same So What…

I say, “And So?” to a new study which finds that insurance plays a major role in how quickly patient’s get follow up appointments after emergency care. How is this not the physician’s perogative? I swear next it’ll be legislatively mandated that physicians MUST participate in Medicaid/care.

I’m just playing devil’s advocate here (obviously I’m opposed to Medicare and certainly to MORE money being spent by the government on healthcare) however, it’s difficult to see researchers and the general public find fault with physician’s for reacting coldly to Medicare and yet not pressing harder and harder for changes in the government’s compensation for physicians. I assure you poor compensation, compared to commercial insurances, is why Medicare patients have such a difficult time getting an appointment.

Now I’ll go ponder how I complain about government subsidized healthcare while I enjoy government subsidized education :) .