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Saturday, September 3rd 2005

Power Rankings

College Football Power Rankings Wk. 1

1. USC (D’uh)
2. Florida (Did you watch Chris Leak? This guy is a Heisman Finalist)
3. Ohio St. (Over Texas by 14 next week)
4. LSU
5. Texas (Maybe not this high after next week)
6. Florida St./Miami (We’ll see Monday)
7. Michigan
8. Georgia (I know Boise St. had all the hype but I expected nothing less)
9. Tennessee (I’ll be vindicated with this low ranking…)
10. Iowa

My prediction for the Rose Bowl: USC v. Ohio St.
Big East Winner: Louisville
(why does the Big East get a BCS bid, Santa?)
Big 12 Winner: Texas A & M
(My reasoning: Texas A & M does not lose a Big 12 game before playing Texas and Texas loses to Oklahoma meaning that the final regular season game: Texas v. Texas A & M on Fri., Nov. 25th is for the right to represent the Big XII South in the Championship game)
Pac 10 Winner: USC
Big 10 Winner: Ohio St.
ACC Winner: Boston College
(After watching FSU – Miami I’m just clutching for straws here…maybe its Va Tech or even Ga Tech)
SEC Winner: Florida

I love UT and I hope that their close win in the Rose Bowl last year says something about an emerging culture of winning. I know Texas finishes 10 – 2 every year but Mack Brown simply has not proven his ability to instill such a culture so far — they lose close games, they lose rivalry games, they lose big games — at least until the Rose Bowl.

If they can beat Ohio St. (9/10) and Oklahoma (10/8) — no matter how bad they looked this week — Texas has a claim as, nay, they will be, the best team in the country but I don’t think they can win both those games.

I know Oklahoma looked terrible this week, losing to TCU, but there’s something about that game in Dallas which the Texas team is intimidated by. I think Oklahoma wins the Red River Shootout this year.

I know Tennessee looks good on paper at every position but QB, but I’m troubled how much they struggled against UAB. I’ll be vindicated — Tenn. will finish behind Georgia and Florida in the east. Tennessee will lose 2 of 3 against Florida, LSU, and Auburn (even with Auburn getting humbled by GT) and another one to finish with a 3-loss season. Indeed, I thought about not even putting Tenn. in the top 10.

Florida looked good. I know, I know, they ran for like a hundred yards and on paper their defense looks weak. Wyoming is not as bad as Florida made them look. Florida’s defense will be much better than expected and Chris Leak is a Heisman finalist. Playing in the SEC you could “hiccup” on any given Saturday but I think Florida beats Tennessee. I think against LSU it is near 50-50 (that is going to be a great game) and I’m not sure just how good Georgia is going to be yet. I really think it is a coin flip between Florida, LSU, and Georgia (I have them ranked so low because I think they could be the class of the SEC but they have more question marks than Florida or LSU…despite what they did to Boise St.; but boy Shockley looked good.)

For my alma mater I’m scared of ASU. I know everyone says that we’ll have trouble in Eugene but if you saw Oregon against Houston then you know that’s bull, I don’t care how tough Eugene is to play in. Arizona St. in Tempe will be very, very tough.

I’m less scared, but still can see hiccups, at Cal and Fresno St. in Los Angeles.