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Monday, September 5th 2005

Reaction To West

Here’s a reaction to West in the Chicago Sun Times. The editorial stops short of backing the claim that West made but applauds him for opening up a legitimate debate on the issue.

Let me state it simple, there is nothing legitimate about this debate.

No reasonable objective study of the poor response to Katrina can come to the conclusion that the decision makers in charge of the relief of this tragedy failed to work or plan as hard as they might’ve because the majority of the people in trouble were poor and African-American.

That is the sort of broad and incredible racism that Kanye West and a large group of commentators and politicians must believe exists for their claim to have any basis. I can understand, in a historical context, starring at the situation from the completely unobjective locale of ground zero, how that might appear to be the case.

But from an objective position claims such as these simply look ridiculous. Anyway, this’ll be my last post on this issue.