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Thursday, September 15th 2005


Here’s a quote from Voice of America concerning Roberts confirmation hearings,

Earlier Thursday, Judge Roberts said Congress has the authority to pass legislation barring discrimination based on race, gender and disability.

Your right as a private citizen and businessman to serve or employ who you want to is outweighed by my right to not feel different because of my sex or disability or race?

I’m sorry, but if you’re not taking federal tax dollars and you’re not a public institution, then you shouldn’t have to have wheelchair ramps or serve people of Irish descent if you don’t want to. Isn’t that your perogative?

At an incredibly basic level the liberalization of this country (and that’s what protection against discrimination is an example of) is founded in the belief that the world should be fair. It is the timeless debate of equality (fairness) vs. liberty. I’m going to lay it out as simple as possible: GOVERNMENT’S JOB IS NOT TO MAKE EVERYTHING FAIR FOR EVERYONE!!!

The government has a responsibility for justice and fairness in their interactions with their constituents but private businesses and citizens certainly do not. Your choice as a private entity to discriminate against some may be despicable, but it’s certainly not something that government inherently has the authority to regulate (despite the beliefs of the incredibly intelligent Judge Roberts).