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Tuesday, September 6th 2005

The U Stinks

I’m laughing after reading part of ‘Cane Mutiny and then catching the end of Miami-Florida St.

Here’s Assistant Coach Art Kehoe believing Miami is as good as USC:

USC has done a great job, but their Virginia Tech game turned on one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. And they beat UCLA and were they a good team last year? Stanford had them down 11 points. But USC is winning. We lost three games we should’ve won, and we didn’t. But if people think Miami is going downhill, bring it on. That’s all I got to say, bring it on! Go ahead, doubt us. Think you can whip our ass, because it ain’t happening.

Pretty hard to believe these comments after watching Miami falling 10 – 7 to a crap ass corp of Florida St. widerecievers and two freshman quarterbacks who completed a total of 7 passes. USC’s defense is at least as good as FSU’s and our offense would’ve dropped thirty or forty on a helpless Miami.