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Friday, September 16th 2005

You've Made The Bed…

Starbucks could care less about if their employees have health coverage or not. They want an easy way to alleviate themselves of the problem by having the government pick up the tab.

Blogs like Over My Med Body, think that “we’re in trouble” because Starbucks is holding meetings to announce that they now spend more on employee health insurance than on raw products. Isn’t that Starbucks choice? Stop whining Mr. Schultz for the government to do something; either swallow the public relations hardship of cutting your coverage or swallow the cost. The only trouble we’re in, is the fact that this country finds it appropriate to try to equalize everyone by redistributing wealth in the form of welfare, healthcare, food stamps, subsidized housing, etc. The distinction is the effort. I understand the projects are a far cry from the 5000 sq. ft. home of the family whose tax dollars helped pay for it, but the involuntary redistribution of wealth can either always be justified (an argument for say Communism) or never be justified (what I believe). There’s no middle ground. Any philosophical argument for limited redistribution of wealth attempts to place subjective logically unsound limits on just how much wealth should be redistributed. Since limits on the redistribution of wealth are unsound, then the rhetoric for government subsidized healthcare is the same rhetoric for the complete redistribution of wealth.

To get a little dramatic, support of social welfare programs in this country makes you a communist.

The liberal arguments for social welfare which have predominated the past half century are lacking in critical reasoning. I am making a prediction right now: history will make note of some philosophers from this era but as they make note of the social utopians of the turn of the century; for their effect on society but certainly not for any notable skills with logic.