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Sunday, October 23rd 2005


I think Reggie Bush is the favorite for the Heisman and should be. However, I’m troubled by pundits touting Vince Young over Matt Leinart. Matt Leinart has proven to have more heart, more success, and better stats than Vince Young…

Through October 22nd: More yards (even with Vince’s rushing), a better completion percentage, and more touchdowns (even with Vince’s rushing TDs) to turnovers…

Matt Leinart
Total Yds: 2166
Comp %: 64.7
TD-to-TO Ratio: 3.8

Vince Young
Total Yds (including rushing): 2102
Comp. %: 61.9
TD – to – TO ratio (w/Rushing TDs): 2.85