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Sunday, October 16th 2005


I just got off shadowing the trauma team tonight. It was a full moon Saturday, I guess I got lucky. It was really busy. A junior resident commented she had never seen it as on the move as it was. I’m not sure what that opinion was worth. I saw a lot of cool stuff including a handful of penetrating trauma cases. As tragic as this case was, I will quote the funniest line of the night. A guy came in from out in the boonies, GSW to the head, resuscitation efforts have been going on for 40 minutes en route, and he’s clearly gone.

One of the surgical residents:

“You know what the worst part is? I’m going to have to write up the M & M [Morbidity and mortality Conference] on this. Diagnosis: Dead. There is no evidence in the literature to support any cure from death. We tried various potions, incantations, and dances but nothing seemed to work.”

Ah, maybe it just seemed funny at 2 am.