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Sunday, October 30th 2005

Week 2 of the BCS

October 29th Upsets
Florida (AP:16, Coach: 18, Computer: 22) over Georgia (AP: 4, Coach: 4, Computer: 5)

Michigan (AP: 25, Coach: NR, Computer: 21) over Northwestern (AP: 21, Coach: 23, Computer: 19)

Current Upset Standings
AP: 15 + 16 = 31
Coach: 14 + 21 = 35
Computer: 0 + 19 = 19

Whoops…the Cal – Oregon game is Nov. 5th. That being said, I don’t expect the computers to drop Oregon between this week and last and obviously with the Duck’s starting QB down the computers vastly overestimate Oregon versus the human polls. That game is +/- 5 or 6 points for the computer versuses the human polls in either direction (i.e. a 10 or 12 point swing). That however is the biggest upset brewing and obviously the computer rankings have faired better by a margain larger than 12 points so far.

Games To Watch This Saturday

Colorado vs. Mizzou
Boston College vs. NC
Texas A&M vs. Texas Tech
Miami vs. Va Tech
Cal vs. Oregon