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Tuesday, November 1st 2005

Alito Is Right Choice

Alito is a good choice.

I was listening to NPR the other day and I heard Sen. Kennedy speak. He was ranting on Alito’s rulings that saw limits on Congress’ power to prevent private discrimination based on race and pregnancy (such as in requirements for maternity leave in the private business world).

What was appalling was not his rejections of Alito’s opinions but the fact he seemed to be appealing to the lowest common denominator. His claims amounted to: Discrimination is bad; and Alito is for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What? Is this man incapable of addressing this issue on a logical keel? Why does he want the public to be blind to the very real and important fact that a judge’s rulings and his personal feelings are two different things?

I don’t trust the grand middle of the American public to draw that distinction any more than Sen. Kennedy probably does, but shame on him for trying to foster that line of “reasoning” in an effort to fight support for Alito’s nomination.

There are obvious very legitimate judicial arguments that the government doesn’t have the right to limit private discrimination (arguments I believe in) but their debate, and the debate over Alito, needs to be on this sort of philosophical level…not the emotional, sloppy debate “heart on sleeve” democrats like Sen. Kennedy seem to want to sink to.