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Sunday, November 27th 2005

BCS Update for Week 6


Nevada (AP: NR Coach: NR Computer: NR) over Fresno St. (AP: 16 Coach: 16 Computer: NR)

Current Standings

AP: 192 + 14 = 206
Coach: 197 + 14 = 211
Computer: 190 + 0 = 190

Only one upset, of course it practically crushes any chance of the human polls beating the computers for the season. Is it possible for the AP poll to catch the computers? Well it depends on how the polls following Saturday’s games play out.

To even have a shot, here’s the games where the difference between the computer rankings is greater than for the AP polls…

Goal: +16

South Florida over West Virginia +2
Georgia over LSU +6
Florida St. over Virginia Tech +1
Colorado over Texas +1
Total: +10

And that wouldn’t be enough as the polls sit from last week.

So, what have we learned here? That the computers, even without using margin of victory which they claim would make them even MORE accurate, is a better judge of a team’s strength and predictor of games than the human polls.