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Sunday, November 27th 2005

Give A Mouse A Cookie…

This post was more specific at one time, criticizing a civil suit against a healthcare provider who gave discounts to the insured. However, it is a fine lead into the culture of victimhood and entitlement that surrounds worsening disrespect and annoyance of patients and pundits for the healthcare system.

Advances in technique, knowledge, and technology means I wouldn’t trust a better outcome, if I had a medical condition, at ANY point in the past compared to today. That is across the board, even the indigent.

So what are these complaints or these or these? We can do EVEN better? Certainly if not a word was written in criticism healthcare tomorrow would be better than it is today. Make no mistake, I’m not taking offense at criticism and debate. These are fine tools. However, much of the growing aggitation amongst bloggers, pundits, and columnists over costs and services in healthcare seem to be rooted in a sense of entitlement. An entitlement to what? Perfection? A “reasonable” cost for healthcare? The advances of tomorrow, today? Many of these scathing op eds are too venomous to be taken as legitimate efforts to prompt action or shed light on the situation. They’re the whines of dissappointed expectations, as if once you get a taste of how fast healthcare has improved over the past century suddenly you want more…You Give A Mouse A Cookie And He’ll Want A Glass of Milk.

Help make healthcare even better, because it can be, but every once in a while, please, for the love of God, sit back and marvel how really incredible it is that such and such a drug or such and such a surgery. Marvel that, despite the inequality you denounce, since Shaman’s provided healthcare as a community service, there has not been more parity in healthcare access between rich and poor.