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Tuesday, November 8th 2005

Here We Go Defense, Here We Go!

Are arguments to limit the “right” of suit hypocritical and out of line of my general Libertarian views?

Here’s the deal, the person who brought this up, I imagine…I really am just putting words in her mouth, is probably for universal healthcare. So, she removes her opposition to physicians setting their own prices (that means busting up price fixing insurance rings and a HUGE increase in the cost of healthcare)…and I’ll argue for the freedom to sue anyone whenever they want.

But really, she raises a good point against me. The best solution, that may allow me to keep some dignity, may be health courts. Get the innumerous frivolous cases out quickly, and thus lower physician and insurance defense fees, and still allow the maintenance of a patient’s right to suit. The “right” to a jury trial is really just one the Constitutions’ attempts at protection of a more universal right, one to impartiality and justice. I think that can certainly be maintained in sort of bureaucratic health courts manned by knowledgeable judges.