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Friday, November 18th 2005

HIV Rates Drop

Some progress. In one of the highest risk groups – African Americans – a new study of the statistics shows the new infection rate has dropped about 5% a year over the past four years.

Even outside of the United States the AIDS epidemic update has at least some good news associated with it involving steady or decreased prevalence by percentage. Of course, as these third world regions of the world grow it means more people infected, even if the percentage of the population carrying it decreases.

On the other end, the percentage of HIV infections that are women is increasing. This is tragic but shouldn’t be a surprise seeing as just by the nature of heterosexual intercourse women are at a much higher risk of having HIV transmitted to them from a partner than they are of transmitting it to a heterosexual male. As well, a lack of female autonomy in many third world countries puts women at increased risk.