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Tuesday, November 29th 2005

Others Get Paid To Say This Stuff?

I have this gut feeling. It’s deep. It is not that USC will lose on Saturday to cross town rival UCLA. It is more like it might happen, but not quite. Inexplicable as it may be, the feeling really is that if we’re going to lose its going to be to UCLA (no offense to Texas).

I’ve had it for weeks; since that night USC beat Notre Dame. My vision didn’t include a scare with Fresno St. but here we are having not pulled a Penn St. or LSU.

But to hear others speculate on it, against a team that needed a 21 point rally in the last 8 minutes to beat un-bowl bound Stanford. Who lost to Arizona. Arizona. Arrrrrrrizonnnnnna. Who can’t even spell defense. Well, those type of claims are only legit when they come from members of the USC family.

I’m just rambling. However, my plea to sports writers, if there’s no storyline don’t fabricate one.

USC 66, UCLA 19 (2 touchdowns in garbage time)

Prediction: USC 45, Texas 28

ESPN’s SportsCenter just had NCAA 06 simulate the Rose Bowl with decidely dissimiliar results to my simulation but very close to my prediction.

USC 45, Texas 27