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Monday, January 9th 2006

Human Behavior

It seems kind’ve obvious but really I could not put my finger on it. Why do I dislike my Human Behavior class so very much?

I really have a distaste for Human Behavior and someone please slap me if I ever consider psychiatry. That being said, it feels like it sometimes goes beyond trying to explain why people act the way they do, to predicting those actions. I guess that’s a good chunk of psychiatry. Especially if you watch Profiler…

That rubs me so wrong. I really do want to believe in free will. ‘Without bounds’ free will. The ‘I have the ability to drop out of medical school tomorrow and travel to Ghana to do missionary work’ free will.

How am I ever going to buy into ‘defense mechanisms’ as anything more than lousy constructs, probably no more valid than what some bum off the street can make up. Even in PRACTICAL use. Man, I sound like I’m 16 and about to slam the door in my parent’s face.

The challenge is to not let ideology blind me to what is presented to me in the classroom. You’d think so far into my education I would’ve reached that point.