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Thursday, February 2nd 2006


The House of Representatives recently passed a budget cutting package that targeted medicaid and student loans amongst other things.

The bill allows state governments to impose new co-payments and deductibles on Medicaid recipients, a power sought by governors of both political parties to try to slow the exploding costs of the health program. It makes it far more difficult for middle- and upper-income seniors to attain Medicaid coverage for nursing care by transferring assets to family members, then pleading poverty.

The bill will end federal payments to the states for the administration of child-support enforcement efforts. It will allow some interest rates on student loans to rise and fall with the market, squeezing student lenders and, in some cases, college students. And it will make changes to the basic welfare program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, that would push states to tighten work requirements for women on assistance, a provision pushed hard by the administration for nearly four years.

House Resolution 653 appears to have basically affirmed senate amendments, involving those issues listed above like medicaid and financial aid cuts, to a previous budget reduction passage.

It certainly got the American Medical Student Association up in a frenzy. I’ll play the hypocrite however and say even though I take federally subsidized loan money I’m not sure the program is such a good thing.

As well, you have to finally be pleased that the conservatives are starting to act like conservatives. Throughout Bush’s first term both chambers of the capitol were passing tax cuts but letting spending increase. Redonculus.

On a seperate note the same day the House killed a plan to cut Medicare reimbursements to physicians by 4.4%, which is extremely good news.