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Saturday, February 25th 2006

The March to the Supreme Court

In case you somehow missed it, South Dakota has sent a law to the governor which would outlaw abortions unless the mother’s life was at risk.

We’ve got years of court battles until this thing is appealed to the Supreme Court, and certainly the first court that hears this law will strike it down (meaning it won’t be enforced between now and the time the Supreme Court is petitioned to hear it).

Personally, if this was put to the Supreme Court today I’m not sure they’d even agree to hear the case. What some people fail to realize is the broad powers the justices have in actually deciding which cases they’ll even hear. The court receives petitions to hear far, far, far more cases than it could ever possibly handle.

But that is right now, who knows what it will look like in a few years with this conservative court.