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Monday, February 20th 2006

The Match

Judging a residency’s competitiveness is a difficult thing, except for the early match programs which release detailed statistics through the SF Match.

Still, the data I like to look at to get a general sense is the US Applicants-to-Spots ratio. There are definite shortcomings in using these numbers but I think they give a general sense of just how competitive certain specialties are right now.

As you can see Integrated Plastic Surgery takes the cake with more than 3 US medical school graduates vying for every 1 residency spot.

Integrated Plastic Surgery
US Applicants 275
Residency Spots 81
Ratio 3.39

US Applicants 709
Residency Spots 316
Ratio 2.24

Radiation Oncology
US Applicants 267
Residency Spots 137
Ratio 1.95

General Surgery
US Applicants 1978
Residency Spots 1051
Ratio 1.88

Orthopaedic Surgery
US Applicants 1002
Residency Spots 610
Ratio 1.64

US Applicants 1467
Residency Spots 1018
Ratio 1.44

US Applicants 1767
Residency Spots 1283
Ratio 1.38

US Applicants 2394
Residency Spots 2269
Ratio 1.05

US Applicants 4859
Residency Spots 4768
Ratio 1.02

Family Practice
US Applicants 2332
Residency Spots 2761
Ratio .84