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Friday, March 3rd 2006

Goodbye and Thank You

I finished my last anatomy dissection yesterday. Exceedingly anti-climactic when I think back to how built up my first visit to the anatomy lab was.

It is kind’ve unsettling. We became almost too familiar with the gentleman who had donated himself to our learning. As we dissected the body became less and less human, and the fact that we were learning through the study of an actual once living person became more and more common.

I suppose this is the situation for almost every anatomy and medical school student who use dissections. It would be impractical for every lab, every day to be too much of a marvel. Still, when we lowered our body for the last time without any bit of recognition or anything more than a laughing “goodbye,” it showed just how far we had come and maybe not in a good way.

Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve previously posted on, our school made sure we understood the magnitude of the gift we were receiving. Our candlelight vigil for those who had donated themselves, about halfway through the anatomy course, was touching and sincere.