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Tuesday, March 7th 2006

Medical Specialties

I’m a first year for goodness sake. Still this is kind’ve fun. I took two online quizzes on what medical specialty I may be most inclined to. I was kind’ve distressed by the top choice on the first one.

Pathway Evaluation Program
1. Pathology (Yikes!)
2. Diagnostic Radiology
3. Interventional Radiology (Pretty Cool)
4. ENT
5. Radiation Oncology
6. Plastic Surgery
7. Anesthesiology
8. Dermatology
9. Ophthalmology (Actually, Really Interested In This)
10. Colon & Rectal Surgery (Okay, Pretty Cool)

Medical Specialty Aptitude Test
1. Gastroenterology (#11 on Pathway Evaluation Program)
2. Radiology (Apparently This Is My Destiny)
3. Pulmonary/Critical Care
4. Infectious Diseases
5. Dermatology
6. Allergy & Immunology
7. Ob/Gyn (Yikes!)
8. Neurosurgery
9. Orthopedic Surgery (Pretty Cool)
10. Plastic Surgery

My destiny is radiology apparently. Other specialties that appear on both lists are Plastics and Dermatology. First off, it’ll be a cold day in hell if I ever matched dermatology and I have no interest in it. Hand surgery, which you can do either as a plastic surgeon or an orthopedic surgeon is actually really cool.

The two specialties which appeared on the list and really have zero appeal and I doubt ever will are Pathology and Ob/Gyn. To the two program’s credit they both put Psychiatry and Family Practice as the specialties I was least compatible with. Both of those make my short list of specialties I have no interest in.

Thoracic surgery, which if you asked me today is what I’d say I wanted to do appears as #17 and #15 respectively on the lists.