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Wednesday, April 19th 2006

Defense Speculation

Now we’re just getting down to mind games.

The attorney said that when 46 members of the lacrosse team submitted court-ordered DNA samples last month, they were also photographed without their shirts.

The attorney said that is possibly how Reade Seligmann, 20, and Collin Finnerty, 19, were identified by the alleged victim, who told police she was gang-raped, sodomized and beaten for 30 minutes at a lacrosse-team party on March 14.

While certainly if this were true it would seem it would be a major discrediting factor but obviously the defense is just throwing stuff out there. I would hope the Durham police made the accuser identify her assailants by their faces. While other identifications can be useful (especially in sexual assault cases) they obviously should and do hold less weight and can be prejudicial as in this case.

You can watch video of the report on the defense’s allegation.