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Wednesday, April 26th 2006

Off Topic Durham Cabdriver Speaks…Some More

It is still a good alibi for one of the two defendants in this rape case.

Called in by investigators in the Duke rape case for the first time Tuesday, taxi driver Moez Mostafa told TIME in an exclusive interview, he stated he saw exotic dancer Kim Roberts exchange angry words with lacrosse players, enter “an old white car” and speed away from the scene. While Mostafa told Durham police detective and lead case investigator Benjamin Himan he could not swear a second dancer, who is accusing players of rape, was already in the car, it’s clear from a subsequent 911 call and police dispatch transcript call that the two women were together.

That could mean anything, the fact he took one of the two players, Seligmann, away during the time the rape was supposed to have occured (if the time of the rape has been established so specifically) is way more damning than this is helpful for Nifrong.