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Wednesday, April 26th 2006

Off Topic Early College Football Look

Stewart Mandel has a little bit of flawed pre-season ranking up.

1. Ohio St.
2. Texas
3. Notre Dame
4. West Virginia
5. LSU
6. Oklahoma
7. USC

I don’t care how many “skilled players” Texas has returning there was no single player more important to their team than Vince Young. Their zone read option offense was set up for a mobile quarterback. I don’t care how much the UT offensive coordinator says they won’t have to change the offense. By the end of the season, after some struggles, the UT offense will look nothing like the one with Vince Young in it.

So, they’re going to be playing against Ohio St. the first game of the season, with a new offense, and a freshman QB whose never taken a snap. Good luck.

The rankings should read:

1. Ohio St.
2. West Virginia
3. LSU
4. Notre Dame
5. Oklahoma
6. USC
13 or 14. Texas