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Saturday, April 29th 2006

Off Topic I Play Too Many Hands

I’m a pretty poor poker player. If I had more free time maybe I’d be better. :)

I’m playing at Full Tilt in a no limit tournemant. Its pretty early, at the second level. I’ve got about the tourney average at the time.

I’m the small blind with A5s. It comes around with a bunch of calls and I make it 3.5x the BB. BB folds. Button + 3 calls and two middle position players call. Well spit on me, that ain’t so great four handed.

The flop comes

Ah 4h 10d

Why the hell am I sitting there thinking I need to show strength or that I can take this pot? I bet the pot, more than a third of my stack. Two of three call and I know I’m hosed with a 5 kicker. The turn comes


I check, the next player makes this odd bet just about a tenth of the pot. It gets called and comes to me.

I figure the guy to my left has a solid Ace, and the elephant in the middle position I’m not so sure on. Heart draw? I can win this thing with a five I figure which is what? 6 or 7% to come? Maybe just two outs if I think the five of hearts will make one of the others a flush. The pot is about 12 to 1 to this small bet from my left. Right more than what I need to make the call but I gamble, albeit not much.

The river comes Queen.

I check the guy next to me makes an identical bet to last time. The middle position raises allin (which ain’t much at this point) and I finally bail out.

Turns out the middle position had a Q4 and called a pot sized bet (with fewer chips than myself at the time, perhaps half his stack) with bottom pair and then stuck around to sucker out a full house. The guy to my left had AK.

Why the hell did I make that huge bet as the first to act with a 5 kicker four handed? I’m in fine positions with the blinds, I made a steal attempt pre-flop that was valid, considering big slick merely called the big blind, but then put a bluff at it that wrecked my stack. I should a made a smaller post flop bet just to figure out where I was with that garbage hole card sitting next to my Ace.