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Saturday, April 1st 2006

John Singleton

The most recognizable alum of my undergraduate screenwriting program at USC is the commencement speaker at the School of Cinema Television’s graduation ceremony this year.

Singleton’s Boyz N The Hood, written while a college student, and directed by him virtually straight out of USC garnered him a best script and directing Oscar nomination. The man was signed by CAA (great website) as a sophomore. That is amazing.

Of course he followed his debut up with classics like Shaft & 2 Fast 2 Furious.

I don’t know what I’m doing criticizing a guy who is directing big budget feature length films. I ran away from the movie business before I even gave it a shot. Still, to spend years studying anatomy, neuroscience, and cutting people open or years canoozling wannabe producers at parties, grabbing people coffee at a”job,” and taking meetings.

I swear, I wonder where the instant success in my class was. It has only been a year since we graduated but plenty of classes before mine in the screenwriting program had guys who were just immediatley off the shelf stars. Josh Schwartz dropped out during his junior year after making a name for himself and pitching The OC. Singleton sold Boyz N The Hood. Well, that’s all I can think of in the program’s 20 year history but I’m sure there are more.

There were some talented writers in my class and I’m just waiting on word someone has made a big sale.