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Saturday, April 8th 2006

Off Topic Lacrosse Players

Lacrosse players are elitist meatheads.

More than any other sport, lacrosse represents the marriage of athletic aggression and upper-class entitlement.

Consider the sport’s lone pop-culture icon: Steve Stifler of American Pie. Stifler is the boneheaded lax star who speaks in the third person and beds girls by preying on their insecurities.

Not to nitpick but the star lacrosse player (what a terrible portrayal of the sport) in that movie is the meathead with the sweet heart of gold, Oz. He is a much better ambassador for the sport than Stifler.

Obviously the Slate article linked to is in response to the Duke Lacrosse scandal which since I last posted has cost the coach his job (basically forced to resign), forced a suspension of a student from the school, and caused the cancellation of the season.

If the DNA evidence comes back positive, the story will be over and Duke will be vindicated for its action. If the DNA evidence comes back negative however, no one will ever be able to back down from the conclusions they’ve jumped to or the actions they’ve taken. No one will ever be able to admit that the real villain is not the silver spoon swallowing jocks of Duke University.

What we have is a party with underage drinking and strippers (in college…this is unheard of!), a group of young men demonized for a third of them having MIPs or public intoxication tickets and charges (again, I am stunned that this exists in college), and a completely inappropriate email from a SINGLE individual. These are mistakes but short of the true felony, the rape, being proven, they are really the average mistakes of young men across this country in college.

Its hard to get truly angry at Duke’s response. This is a private university, let them do what they think they need to to protect themselves. I will say if this was a public university however that every one of these actions, including the suspension of a student for a private, yet completely disgusting email, would be inappropriate.

What has been shown so far is nothing short of every fraternity at universities across the country except that out of this one came a rape accusation. Sure, underage drinking is inappropriate and the party was stupid but hold everyone to those standards all the time, shut down almost every fraternity at almost every school, suspend everyone who throws a house party, or, more appropriately don’t bow when the pressure comes. Because now a hole has been dug, by those who have responded in outrage in the community and by those at the university. If these guys aren’t guilty, no one will be willing to lose the face and step back from the things they’ve set in motion.

If these guys turn out to not be exactly guilty of rape, the argument that they brought this on themselves by some stupid actions and choices isn’t going to fly, even if it is made. They will be the one’s that were wronged. If they’re guilty, let those who did it rot in prison.