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Friday, April 28th 2006

Scientists Behind The Iron Curtain Are On It

Personally I think Russia is relapsing a bit, into its paranoid Soviet self. Western culture and thought process are just too different; for all of history Russia has been its own and not part of Europe or the west. They simply cannot understand a life and culture so different from what they have experienced. My favorite example is when Putin asked Bush why he fired Dan Rather.

It’s not clear how well Putin understands the controversy that led to the dismissal of four CBS journalists over the discredited report on Bush’s National Guard service. Yet it’s all too clear how Putin sees the relationship between Bush and the American media — just like his own. Bush’s aides have long feared that former KGB officers in Putin’s inner circle are painting a twisted picture of U.S. policy.

The opinion of the west is no different in the general population, many of whom mistake how the west and America function for their own methods of doing thing.

Now we have very confident word that any bird flu pandemic will be squashed by a Russian made vaccine.

“Only when a pandemic virus strain develops will a vaccine be created, and it will not take long – only about a month,” Mikhail Zurabov said after a meeting of health ministers of the Group of Eight (G8) industrial nations in Moscow.

He said Russian scientists were working on two potential vaccines.

Pretty sketchy rhetoric, but I guess we’ll see.