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Monday, May 8th 2006

'Fatal Contact' Review

The New York Times looks at ABC’s upcoming MOW about bird flu.

France is the first country to develop a vaccine, but its leaders refuse to share the patent; finally, after the international community threatens sanctions, the French surrender. However gratifying, that fantasy is one of the sillier conjectures in the film. France would have no reason to prevent other countries from reproducing the vaccine, and even if it did, nearly all countries have laws that allow them to violate patents in emergencies.

Its worst-case scenario led flu experts to express concern that the film was sensationalist and could needlessly panic viewers.

“Fatal Contact” is a May sweeps movie, not a public service message, so it is hardly surprising that it errs on the side of Armageddon, but that does not mean it is irresponsible. It is a soberly and compellingly told tall tale, and quite alarming.

I’m not upset the movie was made, I just think the advertising is inappropriate. It indeed makes it feel like a public service announcement, crying out watch this movie to see the future.

Still, I’m not saying ABC should be prohibited from advertising anyway they see fit, I’m just of the feeling they should have the desire to be more responsible.

Take one final quote from the New York Times,

In real life, scientists have said publicly what one movie epidemiologist says to another after the first human case is diagnosed: “It’s not a question of if, but when.

Its a matter of when the next flu pandemic will happen. The same thing can be said about an asteroid hitting the earth. I know that is a ridiculous comparison considering the relative risks aren’t even close to each other. Still, H5N1 against the future field of influenza viruses…well the odds are decidedly against it being H5N1 or it starting tomorrow.