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Monday, May 8th 2006

Good USC News

Although Chauncey Washington has only 19 carriers and didn’t practice last year because he was academically ineligible he’s the closest thing USC has to a veteran at running back.

Washington, highly anticipated but hindered throughout his career by his poor performance in the classroom, will finally get to show his stuff, as he’s academically eligible to play in 2006. This is great news, not only for USC but for Chauncey. USC has some really great and promising freshman coming in next year at running back, but to have a definitive starter (after Hershel Dennis blew out his knee in spring practice *ouch*) whose at least stepped onto a college football field before is huge.

Also, unsubstantiated claims by Los Angeles Daily News USC beat writer Scott Wolf that witnesses he continues to interview support a timeline favorable to Mark Sanchez, and different than the one set up by the police, with info from the accuser, on the night Sanchez was arrested for sexual assault.