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Sunday, May 28th 2006

HIV From A Stab Wound

A teenager went on a stabbing rampage in Berlin, and one of the victims was HIV+. Now all those stabbed after that victim are getting prophylactic anti-retroviral drugs.

“The chance of an HIV infection through a knife wound is three in 1,000. The prophylaxis can reduce the risk by another 80%,” he said.

I’ve mentioned it before, but long ago. One of the worst stories I heard during first was the FP doctor helping run an HIV clinic. She came in and talked to us during our medical ethics class. Che contracted HIV from a needle stick. It was a terrible story as well, because she had gone over to the home of a patient who had been sent home for hospice (a decision she didn’t agree with) to check his CD4 count one last time, and there was no sharps container in the home so she stuck the used needle in a bag and took it back to the clinic.

She reaches in for the vials when she gets back and the rest is obvious.