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Saturday, May 20th 2006

Mark Cuban Sucks

I swear I’ll get off the Spurs as soon as this series is over. But, here we have Mark Cuban going off again. Of course you can visit Blogmaverick for the source.

“Then there are cities with zero sense of humor. No originality when it comes to heckling and often are just plane rude.”

[Editor's Note: Yes, he did write "plane" not "plain]

“The worst ? San Antonio,” writes Cuban. “There isnt even a close 2nd. The bleacher bums have filtered down to the lower bowl and they are living up to their past.”

The editor’s note is from the guys at SpursReport.com

Once again I am mystified this man is a billionaire. The entire foundation of my political philosophy, the idea of free markets bringing forth the cream of the crop, is being challenged. I mean is Indiana really graduating morons like this? Anyway, Cuban just called Spurs fans, culled from one of the most conservative, nicest towns in America, the rudest in the NBA? Really?

He used some anecdote about his pregnant wife being insulted. He’s turned this into a fourth grade, “you started it” battle. As if insulting our town is justified by bizarre claims that San Antonio fans are the worst ever.

As I linked to above there is actual circumstantial data on this that he could’ve looked at rather then regaling us with supposed horror stories as “evidence”. Dallas appears nowhere in Travel and Leisure’s rankings of America’s cities. San Antonio obviously does but the most noticeable ranking is it places second in the nation in terms of how nice our citizens are.

Thank you Mark Cuban for making dumb ass claims founded on singular experiences.

I don’t think this man has any credibility or fans outside Dallas. I’ll give him some credit though, his post in which he insulted San Antonio was about the greatness of rivalries. He’s certainly on his way to accomplishing that; the city of San Antonio vs. Mark Cuban; the Dallas Mavericks vs. the San Antonio Spurs. I’ve always disliked the Mavs but they were kind’ve push overs, second fiddle in the division. This series and Cuban’s blabering have made them enemy #1 in my eyes, replacing the Los Angeles Lakers (I was in an LA bar for Fisher’s shot).

I guess we’ll see who gets to laugh for the next several months come Monday. My only request for the game, which I’ll be at, is that Cuban please refrain from doing this.

Maybe he thinks avid is synonymous with rude. In any case I don’t see Dallas anywhere in the top 5.