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Friday, May 19th 2006

Mark Cuban

This piece of trash business plan made Mark Cuban a billionaire? Let us go over it – he never turned a profit with it, it no longer exists, its services are no longer offered and its technology basically is no longer utilized by the company that bought it from him just 7 years ago, and yet he sold it for billions of dollars. I guess someone has to win the lottery. And make no mistake that is, for all intents and purposes, what he did. I wouldn’t trust Mark Cuban to manage an Exxon station. Nice Glamor shot.

In any case, I just watched Mark Cuban insult the San Antonio Riverwalk on SportsCenter. Read his comment here. It’s lovely for a man making his living in “Big D” to be insulting San Antonio. One Yahoo Travel reviewer put it perfectly:

Dallas is to travel destinations what Wonder Bread is to baked goods: it’s bland, it’s predictable, and some people really like it. Dallas has no significant museums, no historic attractions, no interesting architecture, no attractive green spaces, very little in the way of vibrant city life, relatively little arts and culture…

San Antonio isn’t for everyone, our museum scene is even worse than Dallas’, but despite that single let down it is a beautiful tourist destination. It is certainly not bland or predictable in its culture. It is a unique city in the way it celebrates and displays its Latino heritage, it has rich history centering around Spanish colonization and later the fight for Texas’ independence, large open park areas downtown and nature destinations outside the city. For the mini-van driving crowd Fiesta Texas, one of three Sea Worlds, and the country’s best waterparkSchlitterbahn, in New Braunfels, certainly kick Six Flags Over Texas’ offerings. I don’t know where Mark Cuban gets off trashing the Riverwalk. I mean, the only side of a vacation Dallas has my home town beat is maybe shopping. But hell, why go to Dallas if that is your motivation for travel? Fly to New York or Los Angeles or San Francisco. Plus this Jason Terry suspension which got Mark all angry and prompted his insult, only evens what so far has been an unjust series. I posted on that issue just recently.

Call me a whiner. I’m comfortable with that title because it doesn’t change the fact that Dallas is bland and Mark Cuban and Jason Terry are classless bums.

David Stern and Stu Jackson should be ashamed of themselves for the way Mark Cuban has influenced the officiating in this series. They can deny it, but they can also point at an apple and call it an “orange.” Like the apple, all you need to see otherwise in this series is your eyes. Might as well replace David Stern with Vince McMahon if this is going to go on. Might as well rig the game so it’s New York v. Los Angeles in every NBA Finals if they’ree going to let this type of officiating go.

Go Spurs Go