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Thursday, May 18th 2006

Robbed in Texas

This is my opinion of Steve Javie and the rest of the officials who worked Game 2 & Game 3 of the Spurs – Mavericks NBA Playoff series.

Game 3 shouldn’t have even come down to the wire. The Spurs were the best team on the court, the Mavericks won that game at the free throw line and anyone who thinks that Refs don’t decide games or that the Spurs should’ve “risen above” the poor officiating is a fool. In a playoff series this close, with two nearly evenly matched teams, they make all the difference.

If your team manages to lose this series with the calls falling their way, then they suck Mark.

At least there’s some good news seeing as the Mavs are all class acts (makes you wonder how the hell the Spurs have more technical fouls in this series. Thank God for quality NBA officials).