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Wednesday, May 17th 2006

Striking Residents & Medical Students

Here’s the Times of India, although this story picks up the situation in the middle and is clearly a little confusing. A brief summary: the strikes center on medical education; specifically the government’s plan to place quotas on state run medical schools to enroll a certain number of disadvantaged students.

[T]he Centre on Wednesday threatened action against the striking resident doctors.

Notices to individual doctors have already been served asking them to resume duties or else face action as per the service rules, according to the Health Ministry officials.

The AIIMS’ RDA is spearheading the doctors agitation against the proposed quota for other backward classes in the institutes of higher learning, crippling health services.

RDA said that doctors would not end their strike unless government withdraws the controversial proposal.

Higher medical education in India is exceedingly competitive and based on merit which must be built up from the very early years in school and on standardized tests which haunt a student for his entire life. This affirmative action proposal is meeting with much resistance and severely hindering public state run hospitals in the country.

Medicine and Man has a perspective (via Kevin, MD)