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Monday, May 22nd 2006

Thus Ends

What to say? The calls weren’t even close to level for the first three quarters of Game 7. The sad thing is, is that they were clearly in favor of the Spurs. The Mavericks shooting like 70% in the first half however easily negated that. Pretty impressive.

Despite so many early games being decided by the refs, Game 7 was the Spurs’ to win and they didn’t. Well, they did end up in a huge hole with the Mavs incredible shooting which was more a testament to the Mavs than a lack of Spurs defense. But at the end of the game, and then into overtime after the Mavericks cooled down and the Spurs tied it, the Spurs had chances to win and simply didn’t finish. There was a great look to win it at the end of regulation, and then Tim Duncan must’ve missed six or seven shots at the basket in overtime. With the refs decidedly on their side for three of four quarters the Spurs fell just short. Pretty bitter pill to swallow, especially considering the owner of the team we lost to. His team’s well earned success tonight changes nothing about his character or class. Screw you, Mark Cuban.