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Monday, May 1st 2006

Too Much to Drink

The Duke Men’s Lacrosse program should continue. There is a history of inappropriate behavior while intoxicated and a clear culture of alcohol abuse amongst the team, but not much else before this rape allegation.

“We looked closely but found no compelling evidence to support claims that these players are racist or have a record of sexual violence,” said Duke law professor James E. Coleman Jr., who led the committee.

“The picture that emerges is complex, with players praised as respectful to employees who worked near the team, and criticized for their inability to learn from multiple citations for inappropriate behavior,” [Duke President] Brodhead said.

The report concluded that the disciplinary record of the lacrosse team was “noticeably worse” than other athletic teams at Duke, with a larger percentage of lacrosse players involved in alcohol-related incidents.

But, Coleman said, “the conduct of lacrosse players did not differ from the misconduct of other Duke students who drink too much and unfairly impose upon their neighbors.”