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Monday, May 1st 2006

USC's Coach Carroll Speaks

The wheels have come off the wagon at my pride and joy, USC. Mark Sanchez, the backup QB, has been arrested for sexual assault. Reggie Bush’s family took money and lived in the home of a pro football marketing representative while Bush was still an amateur. Wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett’s apartment was paid for by his roommate’s father, another NCAA violation. And some of USC’s superstar players, projected as going in the first round of the NFL draft last weekend dropped significantly because of character and work ethic concerns.

Carroll says his coaching staff should’ve, and has to, do more

“We needed to see this coming, and we didn’t,” Carroll was quoted saying in a column about the recent spate of trouble facing some of the team’s current and former players. “It’s gone beyond all the heads up, all the alerts, all the education we give these kids. We need to do more.”

As he points out, USC is a target, everyone is looking at it with a microscope because of its success on the field. Any excuse to bring the team down will be jumped on.