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Friday, June 2nd 2006

Duke Lacrosse To Play Next Year

Although Duke has denied a newsconference scheduled for Monday is to anounce such. One of the assistances is to start the next season as interim head coach.

A news conference is expected Monday.

On Friday night, Duke spokesman John Burness denied that the school planned to announce the team would play next season.

Former three-time Duke All-American Kevin Cassese, 25, who served as an assistant Blue Devils coach last season, will run the program pending a national search for a head coach, Newsday reported.

Duke University President Richard H. Brodhead announced on March 28 that the university was suspending future games of the men’s lacrosse team until there was a clearer resolution of the legal situation involving team members.

On May 1, a Duke University committee recommended that the lacrosse program be reinstated.